Terms and conditions of VISA FIRMS

VISA FIRMS aim to connect customers and service providers. By gathering the information, the VISA FIRMS’ website helps the clients in observing service providers by providing the information of their reviews. The VISA FIRMS also assists the marketer in marketing their company and services.

Formerly using VISA FIRM’S services, we advise you to read the “TERMS AND CONDITIONS” carefully. It is a legal contract commanding your use of the VISA FIRMS website and amenities. By using VISA FIRMS, registering on it, obtaining information from VISA FIRM such as research editions, using VISA FIRMS application, contributing your review by any source, responding to a survey and many other options, agree to bound by these terms, VISA FIRMS’ privacy policy, its reviews guidelines.

If you are entering VISA FIRMS terms for the sake of a company or any entity, you represent that you have the control to bind that entity. In that case the term ‘you’ refers to that particular “entity”. If you don’t have the authority then doesn’t accept the terms and conditions.

Eligibility- The user’s age must be 18+ to use the services provided by the VISA FIRMS. You need to register an account to use the website or submit reviews.

Account Registration- as we have already discussed that you need to register your account earlier, you get the opportunity to create an account on a VISA FIRMS. You are responsible for the account management and information regarding the account should be accurate. If in case the information is inaccurate found, the VISA FIRMS has the authority to disable your account. You can inform the VISA FIRMS immediately in case of misuse of your account.

How you can use the services-

Follow all laws including, without limitations, privacy terms, tax laws, and regulatory needs.

Enter the proper and genuine information to us and update it in case of changes.

Feedback reviews and compliance with notices.

Content posted by a user

You are authorized to post your content on the website by any source such as reviews, comments, messages, and other .you are responsible for the user content posted by you. Once the content is submitted, it cannot be deleted. Any user content you submit should be accurate and genuine so that it doesn't create any disputes.

We have reserved the authority to move, edit and delete the content that you have uploaded on the website. For eg. We can remove the reviews if it creates any kind of chaos.

Risk in using user content

As per guidelines, you agree that we don’t verify, adopt, ratify or sanction user content, so if you rely on any advertisement on the website it is not recommended by us. User content and rankings are embedded with the opinions of third parties and may contain inaccuracies.

From time to time, VISA FIRMS may give incentives to encourage users to submit reviews. Incentives don’t depend on whether the review is positive or negative. You may notify us if you feel that another user violated the terms.

Risks in exploiting VISA FIRM’S shortlist

A Visa firm is the platform to provide you the information about the vendors providing the services related to your requirements. It is not a part of engaging buyer and seller. The service provided by us does not guarantee results and the visa firm will not be liable for any chaos arising between representative and user.

By sending any information to VISA FIRMS, all users agree to be contacted by a visa firm, any facility provider that is featured on the VISA FIRMS platform. If the information given by the user is inaccurate then VISA FIRMS has some parameters to describe that the information given is not accurate or not up-to-date. VISA FIRMS reserve the right to refuse the processing of the project application form.

VISA FIRMS license to the user content

When any user posts any content on the website he allows and permits to mold that content respectively. You grant visa firm to use your content for any purpose, including to use, publish, edit, reform, copy and distribute, promote, and redistributing part or all of the services in any format through any media channel no further consent is needed.

VISA FIRMS and their licenses may publically display advertisements to the user content. The mode and extent of advertising can be changed without any specific notice to you.


Your feedback is precious for VISA FIRMS so that enhancements can be done on the website or update more transparently.

Third-party data

By using this service, service providers allow us to collect the data via open-source research and data collected from the reports.


You are not allowed to violate our review guidelines or advise anyone else to do the same.

Compensations for providing data and updating it are also prohibited.

Exercising manipulation of the content of other users is restricted.

Duplicate, license, sublicense, publish, broadcast, transmit, distribute, or otherwise transfer information found on VISA FIRMS except as permitted in these terms, or as expressly authorized by VISA FIRMS.

Threaten, harm, or harassing others

Login using an alias that covers your real identity.


If you believe that the user’s content has been copyrighted, please provide the information to our agent.

Signature of the copyright owner

Identification of copyrighted work claimed

The material which is claimed to be infringing

Contact information of yours including address, contact number

A statement that the information given is the correct information.


Sponsorship allows the company to promote its profile on VISA FIRMS. When a user visits the review page, the sponsors' list has been displayed in the list. Companies are required to follow the guidelines. Sponsorship affects the listing of sponsors where it has appeared.


If you buy a sponsorship or any service you need to pay some charges, either you can subscribe or pay the fees by different methods payments can be done. To get the whole information regarding the subscriptions you can email the info@visafirms.com

Help and services

For any queries regarding the VISA FIRMS or any other services provided by us you can contact us on

info@visa firms.com
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