Privacy Policy

Information that we collect from visitors and users of VISA FIRMS will be under privacy policy. If you are agreeing and want to use the services with this privacy policy, definitely you will consent to the collection of your information that is described below.

Information Collected by Us

Besides, if you have any issue regarding this privacy policy information, you could leave it and move forward:

  • The information we gather

    Information submitted by you: When you use the services and enter our research process, we gather information about you.

    • During opening the account, you have to fill your all your basic details (name and email address) on the registration page, and we collect information about you from there. If you buy certain Visa firms' services, we can ask for your banking details. Besides, you can give your additional details to improve your profile if you are willing.

    • When you give us reviews, then we will take details about your company, phone number, and email address just for our records. And this information will not be shared with any third person.

    • You can attribute your comments for posted reviews, but you have to provide your information such as your project details, name, company name, and your photo too.

  • Information from third parties

    If your user ID is linked with any social media account that uses the services, we also can collect information about you and store your user ID. You consent to our collection under this privacy policy when you sign in to your account with the social media account information. Automatically collected information: Your information can be collected automatically by us and third parties. These automated means contain technologies such as JavaScript, web beacon, and web server logs. The online services and websites generate cookies and those cookies take access to your computer to spot your browser or to store information to help us recognize you.

The way we use information

The legal basis we follow to process your personal data is:

  • Consent

    After you receive promotional material from us, you consent that we will be processing your personal data as we rely on it. Yet, you can choose anytime to withdraw your consent and we will stop processing the data that we receive from you. Processing data without consent is illegal.

  • A sign of contract

    we can process your data only when you sign up for a contract with us. Like, you may have signed up for a free trial, bought a service from us for the performance of the contract that has been signed up with us.

  • Legal obligation

    Your personal data can be processed by us by following our legal and regularity obligations such and prevention, investigation and crime detection, fraud and anti-social behavior, and prosecution of offenders, by working with legal enforcement.

    Your data can be processed for the satisfaction of law enforcement or government request. The information related to you can be used for:

There are possibilities that we de-identify the information related to you that we collect through services or other means so no one can identify it to relate with you. But this privacy policy does not subject our use or disclosure of this information.

The way we share information

Your information can be shared for the following purposes:

  • Your personal information added on your Visa Firm profile or a post that you may share there can be seen by others. As you post a review or content using your name as a contributor, there is a possibility that it will be visible on search engine results.

  • When you share any review or testimonial related to Visa Firms or other service providers related to our research, there will be a possibility of us sharing those reviews and testimonials including your name with them unless it was not an anonymous review or testimonial.

  • We share your information sometimes when it’s necessary to carry our instructions related to you or when you give us your consent.

  • As we need to provide Visa Firm's services and features to you, sometimes we need to share and disclose your information with third parties that are related to our services such as, analytics, customer support, surveyors, payment processors, marketing team, and fraud prevention team. These third-party teams gain access to your information only when it is required to perform their functions.

Online Analytics, Advertisement, and Do-Not-Track
  • Online Analytics providers

    Third-party analytics help us to understand your way of using our services better. Third-party analytics use a technology that can automatically collect information. This technology can directly collect information for third-party analytics and disclose it to them.

  • Advertisement technology providers

    your activities-related data can be collected by us or advertisement providers directly so they can deliver online advertisements based on your characteristic, activities, interests, and other related factors. They can track your online activities over to collect information using automated means.

  • Do not track disclosure

    Do Not Track is a privacy-related preference for users available in some web browsers that stops some websites and services to track and collect information related to your visits to certain websites and online services. However, we don’t respond to such Do Not Track signals as the Internet industry is still studying the ways to understand its approach.

Information Access, Corrections, Deletion

You can rightfully choose to access your information, modify it, or correct certain aspects of your information related to your profile. You can also choose to delete your account at your convenience. If you do that, the information related to you will be removed as well from those services in a certain amount of time.

Data retention

Your data will be retained by us as long as your account will be active or as we need to provide you services or if we have an ongoing legitimate business. Your data is also retained so we can comply with legal obligations, solve disputes or enforce agreements. Your data will be stored with us as long as it will be required for certain activities.


Your personal information is secured by different technical, administrative, and physical safeguards. The safeguards can vary as per the requirement related to the sensitivity of the information.

Third-party services

Our services can contain third-party website links, apps, and services along with social media services. Sometimes there will be third-party content and their features as well. If you use those third-party services then it can probably lead to the collection, processing, and sharing of the data related to you. We will not be responsible for those third-party contents. We neither endorse nor represent those third-party websites, applications, and services. The information collected by those third-party services through your activities is not covered by our privacy policy.

Changes to the privacy policy

Privacy policy can be changed with time as per the requirement of business practices and the evolution of legal requirements. If any privacy policy will be changed, you will be notified regarding the same, and you will get to know the date of update.

Third parties have no rights

Our privacy policy does not include any rights that can be enforced by any third parties.

Our contact details

For any requests, questions, comments, or concerns related to our Privacy Policy or practices please contact us at our mail:

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