Last Updated Jun 18,2024
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Spouse Visa Consultants in Quebec

Services We Focus On:

10%Study Visa
10%Work Visa
10%Tourist Visa
10%Family Visa
10%Business Visa
10%Spouse Visa
10%Investment Migration
10%Skilled Migration
10%Permanent Resident Visa
10%Temporary Resident Visa (TRV)
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An immigrant you sponsor with a spousal sponsorship application in Quebec will have access to MIFI services (such as information sessions, French classes, and support from an immigration officer) after they arrive in Quebec, as well as services provided by groups that welcome and promote immigrants' integration. Spousal sponsorship applications are typically processed in 12 months, including a two- or three-month waiting period while the application is reviewed. This time frame includes the IRCC's evaluation time.
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